Barton Terrace Frequently Asked Questions

   * Do I really have HBO? How do I get it?

Yes. Try channel 7 if you just run a coax cable to the tv.
If you have a TWC $7/mo. converter box or a DVR, you have thirteen HBO's and six HD HBO's.

* Can I pay my HOA dues online?

Yes. Go to the following website and follow the instructions.
customer service: 866-800-4656
account number: 13300### (your condo number)
management id/lockbox: 3054
property code: 001330

Verify, monthly, that the payments go through.

* My toilet or water valves are leaking. Are they my responsibility?

Yes. Get them fixed ASAP because any neighbor's damage that you cause is also your responsibility.

* Can I get a washer/dryer for my condo?

Yes. You have to contact Beck for a list of rules and specifications. You need permission to drill a hole for a dryer vent. All vents should look the same and be in a uniform location. The plumbing specifications are also of note. Keep in mind that while the plumbing is forty years old and that you will be responsible for any damages that your washing machine causes, we have reasonably new machines with dedicated plumbing at indordinately low prices in the Barton Terrace laundry room.

* There is water in my hallway.

The a/c condensation line is clogged. Contact an a/c tech to blow-out the line from the downstairs condo. DO NOT blow-out the line from an upstairs condo.

* Can I put up a real estate sign on the property?

Yes, but you first must get Board approval. HOA Board approval is required prior to placing a real estate sign on the property. A maximum of three signs is allowed at one time. Upon approval, the Board will allow a sign to be put into a thirty day rotation. Any unauthorized signs will be removed. Please contact the property manager or a Board member to get your sign approved.